What is Intrabook?

Modern Intranet Solution

Modern intranet solution where content is being created interactively by all company employees. Works as a permanent teambuilding, helps to grow your company culture.

Info-Communication Centre

Information and communication centre for your entire company, as well as separately for each division, department or team. Helps to greatly increase efficiency of internal communication and processes inside company.

Collaboration Solution

Community and collaboration platform for your company and its individual teams. Supports collaboration in teams as well as in the entire company and, at the same time, community awareness of the employees.

and even more:


… simple, user friendly and useful for all! Each project is accessible only to its co-workers or project managers.
By creating project and assigning co-workers you at the same time create a separate communication channel for this project team.
The use of project management may not only be to assign tasks and deadlines.
The Project Management on Intrabook also server the co-workers directly for working and mutual exchange of information.
For managers it also serves to track or monitor the progress and state of solving tasks and keeps all involved informed in real time.
Also reporting without the need to write reports and without making meetings. That is your on-line Project Management on Intrabook.

Intrabook Zones


Common Company-Wide Zone

  • Common blog with posts/articles by employees of all departments and teams which can be filtered by the group in which they have been published.
  • Project management with Projects, also representing “on demand” communication channels for project teams. Each project is accesible only to its co-workers and to project managers.


Group – Team Zone

  • Zone for communication, collaboration an information exchange inside the group – division, department or team.
  • Each group have their own separate zone.
  • One group serves as a common company-wide information channel.
  • Each employee can be member of several groups.
  • Each group zone consists of several functional sections.


Individual Member Zone

  • User-member profile, settings, notifications, messaging, …
  • List of the member’s contributions in all his/her groups.
  • Private member’s notes only visible to him.

Group Zone Functional Sections


Electronic notice board – each department or team have their own. A page with news and announcements from the head of the team and/or company management.


Discussion forum with unlimited number of discussion topics for every department or team. Any member can start a new topic and communicate with others, exchange information, opinions, documents, … and this way also creating record of progress, results, and topic/project documentation. A much more efficient replacement of group e-mails!


Virtual meetings of a team or entire company – anytime and anywhere – technically as a group chat. The participants can be present e.g. from a beach. Contributors publish their presentations in advance and the meeting can start on agreed time. Everyone’s posts are displayed in real time without the need of screen refresh. Virtual meeting can be of great help even in combination with physical meeting for simultaneous record creation.


Company blog for internal needs – electronic magazine with posts/articles by the author base of your employees. Blog with articles written by any employees to educate the colleagues or inform them about their work and achievements, about successful projects, on theory topics, about trends and development in the world, etc. All articles from all groups/teams are also shown on the common blog.


Shared storage of documents – separate for each group. An obvious part of Intrabook is a shared storage for documents or any files, individually for each department or team. These documents can be referenced in discussions, meetings, … or any other Intrabook sections.

Intrabook Docs

Collaborative documents created and updated by the group members. Authorized members can update existing documents or create new ones or just write comments. Access rights are very flexible. Complete document revision history is being maintained.


Event calendar for each group. Any member can create a new event shared in the group. Everyone can also see his own list of upcoming events in all groups being member of.


Idea management for the group. Members can easily create and share their ideas – suggestions what and how to improve in the company, organization, etc. Other colleagues can rate and comment each idea.

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